Tuesday, February 19, 2013


 There is usually at least one in every mom's life. Whether it be your neighbor, fellow PTA member, online contact or your sister-in-law. She is there. Laying in wait, just waiting for you to say something that is so not an AP approved statement and ready to "educate" you on how that is just not the best you can do as a parent.  They are the stuff mommy wars are made out of and always looking to out mom everyone else.

She says stuff like "I just can't imagine a woman choosing to feed her baby something as non-nutritional as formula instead of her own breast like nature intended" and "Oh, you let little Johnny eat off of those cheap plastic plates with cartoon characters? Haven't you heard about all the toxins seeping out of the plastics they are made with? They might cause cancer but it's your choice I suppose if you think they are ok." There is always a guilt trip if you don't agree with her or she goes on and on and on and never knows when to stop.

She will often reference main stream organizations like the AAP, WHO or other popular sources like Dr. Sears. "Those faces your baby makes while trying solids are cute but his solids should be limited till six months, even the AAP recommends that". UUUGGHHHH..recommendations are not law and I know my baby better than anyone else I know can read his cues for readiness. Thank you very much; not that I was even asking in the first place!

Let me stop here and throw this out there, and I've said this before. Every mom and dad should absolutely do whatever works for their child/children and family as a whole.Whether that is baby wearing, circumcision, non-vaccinating, or formula feeding.  Everyone has choices and those choices are our own business as long as those choices aren't illegal or abusive.  

Now if someone ASKS you about your choices or where you learned about XY and Z that is different. Educate away, now is your chance to carry on conversation about all things natural and homemade. Un-solicited advice is not a conversation however.

SO BUTT OUT Sanctimommies!!!!!  Un-solicited advice is usually un-wanted.

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