Thursday, March 7, 2013

NickMom Night Out

So the night time NickJr line up designed just for mom. It came out about the same time Calvin was born and provided me entertainment during late night feedings and continues to provide me entertainment after I get the  Crib Midget to sleep and I'm packing his bags for daycare the next day.

Motherfunny! As their slogan boasts. 

Since it's debut it's has been surrounded by controversy for several reasons. It's fairly foot loose and let down your hair kind of style as shown in the link above. Some of comedians say some pretty wild stuff; like tonight Carolyn Rae had a line "my and my three year old are the perfect companions; we both sometimes cry uncontrollably, love chocolate and battery operated toys". Whoa....LOL...but whoa! Many moms around America have complained that his line up is inappropriate for NickJr or just inappropriate period for the network no matter which channel they aired it on. Nickelodeon does flash a disclaimer that NickMom is for the grown-ups only, after the kids have gone to bed. Now, I can say I have sympathy for families who are in the latest of time zones. It starts as early as 7PM in some parts of the country and I don't understand why Nick can't fix this? That really is too early for this type of programming. 

I have read numerous comments on other main stream blogs about how they feel IF they must show it at all at least make it on TeenNick and in the wee AM hours instead of the pre-school channel at 9pm. Some moms have said Nickelodeon is taking parenting choices away from them since they wouldn't otherwise allow such garbage on their TV's and now kids who don't go to bed till later and NEED the TV to go to sleep are exposed to such filth. Ummm..change the channel? Seems easy enough. Why do little kids need TV's in their room anyway? I only have a six month old, but that seems like that's a learned behavior over time to NEED  a TV to drift off to sleep to every night. 

Here was another good one; "my daughter has regular night terrors and she needs the TV to wake up to so she knows the nightmare is over and she is in her own room". What? Really?!? Since when is there a ban against TV's in nightmare land? HAHAHA, so overboard and taking things a bit far. Bless that poor little girl's heart for having night terrors but geesh, I think this lady needs to get a grip. 

Here is the article these comments came from.

So what's the final verdict on NickMom Night Out in the Robert's house? Well, it's what I've been watching and LOL'ing to while typing this ;). 

XOXO with a little bit of drool