Wednesday, April 17, 2013

He looks like me...No, he looks like me!

One of the most exciting wonders of pregnancy and having a baby besides guessing and finding out the gender is what will he/she look like? Who will he/she look like?

Then the baby gets here and ohhhhh let the guessing begin! After seven months I have learned that people will see what they want to see and usually each side of the family tree will be bias towards their own. Even when it comes to personality characteristics relatives will still say "that's just like his mom at that age" or "he's 100% his dad"; again people will see what they want to see. Last I checked it took two to make a baby and two sets of DNA are intertwined to make a new person. They might favor one or the other parent a little more in various departments but we all get a piece of both of our parents in some way, shape, or form. Sometimes we even inherit traits from ancestors that are not featured on either parent. DNA is a funny thing!

What's a parent to do? Just smile and nod when the comments come. Odds are you aren't going to change their mind.

This is a collage I made of Will and I as babies and that is Calvin of course in the middle. To me, me and Calvin are identical except for eyes and ears. He has Will's eyes and my Daddy's ears. That's right, the ears aren't even from either of us. Not directly anyway, it wasn't the dominate gene that I got but floppy ears are somewhere in my genetic code from the Warren side. I'll say it again...DNA is a funny thing!

Regardless of the range of opinions; my final verdict is Calvin is a beautiful boy no matter how he's dissected and that's really all that matters. 

XOXO...& a little bit of drool

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Minding our parental business

Whew! We've been so busy growing, rolling and CRAWLING that I haven't had time to write anything. Little Calvin even pulled himself the last weekend with his Bumbo type chair. Of course I have video ;) ! I'm very proud of my little man!

So back to the title which is the topic. Why do some strangers, feel the need to give random advice? Worse yet, TELL you what you need to do or should do. I wrote a while back about the dreaded sancimommy. While they have their piece of this pie, they aren't even the majority. When I say random people, I mean literally random people.  The mom with a 1st grader and a 3 year old behind  me in line at the store, the empty nester mom browsing next to me at the mall, the 80 year old couple at the table next to us at the restaurant.  What all these people have in common is they have gotten past the stage where I'm at with parenting and each generation thinks they did it "the best". All this young mom stuff is just pure silly.

Case and point..the 80 year old couple in the restaurant  This is actually a true story that happened about a month ago. We went to Dickey's BBQ after church one Sunday; anyone who has ever been to a Dickey's know they offer free ice cream with your meal. This was about the same time that Calvin hit this total independence streak. Refuses to sit in his car seat or stroller in public and wants to sit in the shopping cart or high chair. He wants to taste everything on our plate.

....................So he was sitting in the high chair with his feet propped up happily gnawing on a dinner roll when I came back to the table with an ice cream cone. Ohhhhh, did Calvin think he was entitled! The dinner roll went flying and he began reaching for me and whimpering; he was told NO and was offered a bit of mashed potatoes. He refused the spoon and kept reaching for the ice cream and the whimper was escalated to a cry then an all out bloody murder scream that echoed and rippled through the room. The table next to us seated not one elderly couple but 3 elderly couples who all turned and gave me a death glare like I was beating the tar out of him. A glare that said "you better stop or we're calling CPS".  As an immediate means to an end I shoved the ice cream cone into Calvin's hand to make the screaming stop. The lady at the table siting closest to me says "see, he just wanted ice cream too. Ice cream is OK!" With a strait face I replied "I guess so" and Calvin was pretty impressed with himself and this ice cream in his little hand.

What this nosy lady did not know is that Calvin has lactose tolerance issues and takes a sensitive formula with reduced lactose and also Zantac for reflux. Even without the tolerance issue dairy is not recommended until 9-13 months, he was only 5 at the time. He spent an evening with a very upset tummy that resulted in vomiting and a lot of tough gas. It was NOT "OK"! Ms. Nosy Pants wasn't here to deal with this! Just because it was ok for Little Johnny 50 years ago when he was a baby doesn't mean it's ok for a complete stranger that you know nothing about at the table next to you. Lesson learned though; moving forward, we eat nothing in front of him that some portion of can't be shared to avoid any scenes like this one.

Moral of today's story....mind your business! What's ok for one kid is not always ok for the next and it's not your place to question a parent's discretion.

xoxo & a little bit of drool