Sunday, June 23, 2013

Grocery shopping...2013 style

Grocery shopping with a baby. Joy isn't the first thing that comes to most mom's mind. At least speaking for myself it's not the first thing that comes to mind. It can be pain staking, stressful and sometimes just annoying!   When he was a younger infant going to the store was always a race against time before the next feeding. Now that Calvin's a fiercely independent older infant getting him to ride safely in the cart is a challenge in on it's own and once I can get him to stay seated in the basket he wants to tear apart everything in the cart.

It's enough to make a mommy want to scream!

Then there is the getting everything up the staircase with Calvin on one arm. It often takes two trips. I'm not a lazy person but I am a person who lives with chronic back and nerve pain. It takes a lot out of me and I still have a baby to lift. My prayers have been answered this last week!

I have several times ordered big value boxes of diapers from Since they offer free shipping (not to mention 2 day delivery)  it's often cheaper than the big value boxes at Babies R Us.   Last week when our butt fluff came in, attached to the invoice was a promotional flyer and several coupons for a new partner site An online supermarket! I had to check this out and I was impressed with the idea. Many items are bulk buys, like Sam's Club or Costco but some are double or triple packs like you will find at Wal Mart. There can be some sticker shock..but wait...there are a lot of discounts and built in coupons. So while an item looks pricey the final total is the same or a little less than your local supermarket.

This is my first order.....all this costed $42 after all the discounts and coupons! Free shipping over $35 and still 2 day delivery like Although some select items do not qualify for 2 day shipping, my 80 oz jug of Sweet Baby Ray's was one of those so it's not pictured. I'm not sure why though? I didn't research it and really didn't care. I was just happy at the good deal. Everything was individually bagged in case of leaks and neatly packed. Overall, I call this a win!

This doesn't mean that I will never ever have to step foot in a supermarket but it sure does cut down my list and the time spent in the store. Not to mention there are no impulse buys from center isle displays or end caps. I am SO excited about online grocery shopping!! Can you tell? I know, it's sad but it's money saved for Calvin!

xoxo...and a bit of drool 

Is it a bird? A plane? Tornado? No...just Calvin!

Wow...I'm real behind in posting. This crazy kid keeps me on my toes that is for sure! He has made leaps and bounds in his development. Not to mention time is just flying by, he turned 9 mos this past Saturday.

Last week just shy of 9 months, Calvin took his first step! I couldn't believe my eyes, I knew he was smart and all..but trying to walk at 8-9 months? All my sisters and nephew walked around 11 months so you could say we're a family of early walkers but he's beating us all out! We got him a activity walker toy and he toddles around pretty good with it. He will still try to walk without it and fall down after the second step. Anytime now I suppose...

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't find myself yelling something I never thought I would.

"Get your foot out of my bra!"
"Open your mouth so I can get the cat food out!!"
"Stop hitting the babies with the hammer. It's not nice!" <---- cabbage patch babies BTW, NOT real ones!

Calvin is pretty good at inventing new ways of being destructive. A few days ago I was unloading the dishwasher and he crawled over to "help". He managed to not only yank the bottom rack off the wheel track but he pulled the entire rack out of the dishwasher with pots and pans! Strong little boy!

His latest obsession is our dresser. He has figured out how to take one of the pulley handles off. He is always so proud of himself!


Along with inching towards that 1st birthday we are working on transitioning to table food from baby food. He really enjoys trying things off our plates but some things taste different whole than than do puree apparently. Carrots was something he would always eat puree, so I didn't even think twice about trying them in a Gerber Graduate meal.  He had a different opinion with just regular carrots.

Independence......boy oh boy..does this boy have a truck load of it! There is so much I could say ...he doesn't even like to sit in shopping carts anymore. It's really fight and just not worth the energy, so yes he gets his way in that department. Although I don't really see anything wrong with him riding with the cargo. 



Who knows what new thing he will do tomorrow or creative way to destroy the house! I've learned to not be surprised anymore and take life one day at a time and just enjoy the ride. 

Just because.......oh yea, he can climb small steps too

XOXO...and a little bit of drool