Monday, October 28, 2013

Citrus Lane vs. Bluum

So in case you have not heard of either of these companies; they offer the same basic service. You sign up for a membership tailored to your child's gender and age for $25 a month. Each month your child receives a box full of featured products that far exceeds the $25 monthly fee. According to the companies the average retail value of the boxes are around $80.

Here is a link to each company and you can check them out for yourself.....

After using both services here is my two cents. We have received cool stuff from each company, they have very similar grass roots, a parent with an idea story and beginning. Although still somewhat similar, where they differ is product style. Citrus Lane is a little more organic/earth mama-ish while Bluum is a little more upscale boutique merchandise. Well go figure since Bluum is based in New York, makes sense I suppose. They both have great customer service and products. I can't not recommend either one, which one you prefer will depend on your style.

My vote...we're Bluum! I like that boutique touch.

If you decide to give either one a try, you can tell them I recommended them.

xoxo...and baby giggles

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Another First..

Thursday night Calvin played a game of catch me if you can at bedtime. He loves how he can just slide out of his tot bed and run to his toy box. This little game of chasing and putting back in bed threw my back out. So, to allow me to rest and heal Calvin went on his first sleep over with some family friends who were also babysitting another friend's little boy. He is a little older but Calvin will play with anyone. A one night sleep over has turned into two night and I sure do miss the little Baby Bear! I know some moms wouldn't let their babies out of their sight so young but he is having such a much better time than at home with a pain ridden grumpy mama.

The quiet has been kinda nice and allowing myself to heal was a much better choice than trying to be Super-Mom. I can't wait to hug and kiss him when I pick him up!


Friday, October 25, 2013

Milestones, milestones and more milestones

I recently wrote about Calvin's 1st birthday which was last month. When you have a new baby everyone including perfect strangers stop and tell you "enjoy this, it goes by so fast". During the time when you're up all night, making bottles or nursing around the clock...or both and going through the colic phase you think please let this go by fast! At least I did! PLEASE let this pass, I wanna do fun stuff like finger paint and carnival  rides.

Now thirteen months into this wild journey I now know how true that statement is and I wish some parts hasn't gone by so fast. Ok, so maybe not the first two weeks when we fine tuning a routine and getting our footing in being parents but after that some things could have slowed down. Calvin has zoomed through development and milestones at rapid pace despite what he has been through. He hasn't let it slow him down, much less stop him. I don't think he even knows the meaning of the world. Seriously, I don't think he does!

He could always make a face, even from day one. Literally.

From just barely sitting in a highchair to sitting at his own table feeding himself.

Bassinet to crib to toddler bed.....


Two months and twelve months in his swing. We only use it for a nightlight now but every now and then he climbs in to show me he can.

He started climbing and crawling out of things at four months...I should have known this was a sign!

.......and there's that carnival I was waiting on!

All in the blink of an eye. Treasure every moment. If I could go back and do it over it would have been to tune out the opinions of the world (except the ones I actually asked for) and did what felt  right for me. Time passes too fast to worry about the right baby product or the color of socks. 


A new chapter...

With all the up and down with Calvin's health issues and just being a new mommy in general, I have struggled to juggle the working mom act. I lost the battle three weeks ago. As much as we needed the health insurance to cover our family, which was the only reason why I continued to work; it is clear it just was not God's plan for that to be my place. I am first and always a wife and mommy and someone's employee second. I'm a dedicated person but I'm more dedicated to my family. Period. While I am seeking new employment, I'm also soaking up this time with Calvin and just being Mrs. Cleaver while it lasts. I've also been thinking outside the box for ways to earn income and maybe keep this Mrs. Cleaver gig, but I'm not telling secrets yet. We are trusting God to provide for us and to show the path that was meant for us.

Slightly off topic; but after three weeks out of daycare, this is the first time since he was four months old Calvin's nose hasn't dripped or been stopped up. 


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Toddler bed at 13 mos? Why yes...

So this morning we were awoken by a loud CRASH, THUD and BANG. I thought perhaps I was dreaming, but a second later when I came to out of my sleepiness I rolled out of bed and rushed around the corner to find Calvin walking around with pure pride. He had climbed out of his crib! I had been planning to get a toddler bed anyway because I knew this was only a matter of time but this morning sealed the deal. Off to Toys R Us we went for a guard rail and the crib was converted to the day bed setting. I picked out the wrong size guard rail so pillows are making do until tomorrow. No roll out accidents during nap time though.

Here's to another mile stone!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Calvin's 1st Birthday

His birthday is September 15th but since that was a Sunday we celebrated on the fourteenth at Chuck E. Cheese. Calvin loved it and everyone had a good time. Just about everyone who said they were coming came, best turn out I've ever had for a party I've planned. Our friends were so kind and generous!

Calvin's Invitation 

 Smash Cake!!







A party wouldn't be complete without a tantrum over a party hat! Calvin was much nicer to this cake than his smash cake photos, I was expecting a huge mess! 

And with a toddler begins..

xoxo..and baby smiles