Saturday, February 8, 2014

Catching up....

Good gosh! I just realized my last blog was before Thanksgiving! Well, let's dive in...

Thanksgiving 2013:

Calvin and I took a trip "out home" which is the woods of East Texas where I'm from. My sister lives on Lake O' Pines and Calvin had a great time being a little redneck child! Loved cruising the dirt roads and around the lake on their Side-by-Side with Uncle Richard! Not to mention Uncle Richard makes a mean smoked bird; smoked anything actually. She also has three corgi mixes that weren't so cool with Calvin at first but by the time we were leaving he had them figured out and was running around chasing them.

On our way out of Longview and headed to Tyler to see other family we stopped at my beloved Casa Ole' and Calvin got his first taste of green sauce and salsa outside of the womb.

We got to spend a few days with Granny Clara and Lucy the dog. Calvin loved Lucy after being acquainted with my sister's dogs but Lucy wasn't so sure about Calvin! Our last stop we seeing cousin Kathy and her oldest daughter Skyla. They run an animal rescue out of Troup, Tx called Adopt A Troup Rescue, however they are not limited to just Troup. They were hosting a road side adoption event when we came to see them and Calvin loved those doggies too! 

....and so this concluded out trip to East Texas and back home to the city we went. 

Iceamegeddon 2013:

Just after Thanksgiving, Dallas and most of North Texas froze over. Shut down the entire metroplex for nearly a week! We stayed safely and warmly locked inside but we did do a little exploring in the ice.



Holiday Baking:

Pumpkin Pie.....

Christmas Cookies....

it's a good thing he loves to brush his teeth! 

Christmas 2013:

Since my husband had to work on Christmas we went ahead and opened Christmas a few days early. Honestly, we've been opening presents a day or two early for several years now. Working just made a good justification. Since he loves cooking so much he got a play kitchen as his "BIG" present. He has so much fun in his little kitchen but he still wants to play in mommy's kitchen too.

Sorry Santa! No cookies for you!

After my husband got through his shifts we took a trip to College Station, Tx where Will's mom and other family live and Calvin got to meet his cousins for the first time. He has a girl cousin who is 5 years old and a boy cousin that is only 2 months younger than him. He loved playing with them!

New Year's wasn't such a big deal traveling or party wise. My husband also had to work this holiday too so it was just Calvin and I. I introduced him to Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve (now Carson Daly) and he loved dancing to the music and getting to scream when a big sparkly ball dropped. He had no idea why there was a big ball or why he was screaming; he was just happy he got to scream!

Our midnight photo! Happy 2014!!!

We cooked breakfast for Daddy on New Year's Day. Our little chef!


Whew! I love the holidays but I was glad to have all that traveling over with. We enjoyed seeing family but road trips with toddlers are tough not to mention we were sick with this flu crap off and on all season. 

Best of wishes in 2014!!!


Age progressions from 2012 and 2013!