Friday, November 28, 2014

The Teen and social media

Calvin is my only child and hence what this entire blog is centered around. His development, milestones and what its like parenting an infant and now toddler. Since the teen has moved in with us, she has very much become apart of our family dynamic.

And with welcoming a teen into the family dynamic, comes the teen issues. This blog will be taking some twists!

I expected the usual teen things; arguments over mini skirts and rules of dating, speckled with discussions about the wrong crowd. Oh my! My oh my!! How things have cbanged since I was a teen, and it hasn't even been that long since I was a teen. Fast changing world we live in.

The biggest issue I was just not prepared for was social media. Now, I'm familiar with the usuals; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. There is so much more than the household names in social media. Kids these days probably have ten different ways to talk to each other and "network" with a vast pool of people. Each pool being a different flavor of people and not all those people are kids.

I'm often looking over her shoulder and shrieking "Block! Block!". The things some kids post...its shocking! I can't help but wonder are their parents or caregivers not checking on them and asking questions? Just crazy to me!

XOXO, tot giggles and lip gloss

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Mama's boo-boo and a Milestone

Was there ever a time when potty training became super important?

It became SUPER important for me on Halloween....

I fell down walking and was instantly in a lot of pain. Went to the ER and sure enough, broke my wrist! Doing anything one handed isn't easy, but especially not changing a diaper. Ok kid, time to start using that potty! It's been a task as I'm sure it is for most parents, BUT our perserverene has begun to pay off. I hope. Tonight Calvin told the teen and I "poop", I rushed him to the potty and after a few minutes he went!!! I couldn't be more proud! The teen has helped in encouraging him, he seems to pay attention to her a little better. Why listen to mom when you have a cool teen cousin right?

Xoxo and tot giggles