Sunday, December 7, 2014

Did you know...?

Yesterday the pops and I managed to get out of the house kid free. One of the perks of having a teen in the house. One of the errands on our to-do list was haircuts. We went to one of those no appointment needed chains and were patiently waiting our turns. Nothing out of the ordinary on this Saturday evening.

Then this guy walked in...

He was talking so fast and in what might have been a Cajun accent, that I couldn't understand most of what he was saying. What could be understood made no sense. He spoke of fighting with police in different cities, being on probation and a 7th degree black belt. Oh yeah, and a cousin who beat up Chuck Norris. Everyone ignored him, that is until he took a stun gun out of his pocket and discharged it in the air, laughing while doing it! Scary moment not knowing what this guy was going to do! I was so thankful the kids were not with us!!

Back to the question of  "did you know?"

I don't remember where I read it online (because I would sure give them credit if I did), but did you know you can TEXT 911? It's true! I quietly took out my phone and began texting my location and the guy's description along with what was going on.


In ten minutes or less police showed up and a few minutes later they were gone and took the rambling, bumbling, stun gun waving guy with them. Quick and efficient, and I liked it so much better than trying to get somewhere safe and whisper information into the phone. 

So if you ever find yourself in a lobby with a man and a stun gun; remember, TEXT 911! 

Isn't technology great!


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