Thursday, August 15, 2013

Our First Visit with the GI doctor

It's so nice to walk into a doctor's office and be believed! Calvin has a lady doctor named Dr. Whitney and he couldn't be happier either.

The office was very welcoming and had a nice play area but Calvin wasn't much interested because there were people to entertain. Apparently today was twin day at Pediatric DHAT, when we got there there were teen boy/girl twins and after they left in rolled 22 month old twin boys. Oh my, Calvin was so infatuated with them and their special stroller. He kept trying to climb in and they kept pushing him out, he just couldn't figure out why they didn't want to be friends.

But anyway....

We didn't wait very long in the exam room when the doctor came in. She was very quick and precise with the information she was looking for. She told me that all babies reflux between 4 - 6 months and the ones who have it worse may need something like the Zantac like Calvin has been on since he was 4 months old. However, it should be outgrown by 6 months old and anything beyond that is more than just normal reflux. Dr. Whitney recommended two things; for starters we are stopping the Zantac and starting him on Prevacid to turn off the acid enzymes rather than just trying to reduce the amount of acid. I think it is enzymes that produce the acid? Whatever it is Prevacid turns them off. She is also concerned with damage to his esophagus because it has gone on so long and recommended doing a quick endoscopy. Calvin would again have to be put under but the same type where it's just gas and the procedure would take ten minutes to check on things. We have a major insurance network and hospital hurdle that we are stuck on but first we are going to see how well he does on the Prevacid. He will start his new medicine tomorrow. Dr. Whitney was also appalled that a referral was not made sooner, she also said his development was a little advanced! We have done something right at least!

xoxo...and baby giggles

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