Sunday, August 4, 2013

Our Visit with the Pulmonologist

Almost two weeks ago Calvin saw his new pulmonologist Dr. Sah and finally it feels like we got some answers. Preliminary answers, but at least we're getting somewhere. I was surprised at how young he is but Will and I both feel like he knows his stuff.

After at least thirty minutes of going over his history and answering questions, Dr. Sah's conclusion is his reflux is playing a part from aspiration and recommended a stronger antacid but since Calvin is already seeing a gastroenterology doctor on August 15th he did not prescribe any medicine for that other than to keep taking what he is taking.

Dr. Sah agreed with the RAD diagnosis as well and explained it doesn't guarantee asthma later down the road as some kids do outgrow it and some don't. Technically asthma can be diagnosed at age two but he preferred to not diagnosis until age five when comprehensive testing can be done. The tests are not invasive but they have to be old enough to understand the directions in order to take them. RAD is treated with very similar medications but much lower doses due to age. He gave us Symbicort to try with him first as it is the lowest does of inhaled steroid possible and it is a daily medication for symptom control. Much like the Advair that I take at an adult dose for my asthma. Just in this first week on the medicine I have noticed improvement with his wheezing and coughing. Calvin has also gotten better with taking his medicine too, he hold his mask like a big boy and everything.

I have been able to stop irrigating his nose with saline everyday and sucking his nose out. The ear tubes have helped tremendously with that as well. Tubes took so much pressure out of his head. He has been able to drain crud properly, he can sneeze and he's not holding his ears in pain anymore. Everyone has been so much happier. I so regret not doing it after the first consult with the first ENT. Thank Jesus for the aggressive anesthesiologist who believed me and realized this was just not "another little daycare cold" and made all these recommendations which validated I wasn't just being an over dramatic mom.

Next we meed the pediatric GI doctor on the 15th and our new pediatrician in September for Calvin's one year checkup!!

xoxo...and a little bit of drool

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