Sunday, September 29, 2013

Follow up with Pulmonologist

It's been a busy busy month with Calvin's birthday and I'm little behind on updates......

Here we go..

The week of his birthday he had is six week follow up with Dr. Sah. Basically just keep doing what we are doing with a few adjustments as improvements have been made with is wheezing and coughing spells. I didn't realize I had been giving him Albuterol through the neb machine every night and that was only for REALLY bad day and regular use will stop it from being effective. I explained that he was not inhaling enough of the Symbicort because he didn't fully understand to inhale. He's not afraid of the mask anymore but now it looks like a toy to him and he wants to bite it, lick it, carry it around, everything but what he's suppose to do with it. So instead, he has a new medicine for the neb called Pulmicort. It's the same as Symbicort just the inhaled version. It's working great so far!


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