Friday, October 25, 2013

A new chapter...

With all the up and down with Calvin's health issues and just being a new mommy in general, I have struggled to juggle the working mom act. I lost the battle three weeks ago. As much as we needed the health insurance to cover our family, which was the only reason why I continued to work; it is clear it just was not God's plan for that to be my place. I am first and always a wife and mommy and someone's employee second. I'm a dedicated person but I'm more dedicated to my family. Period. While I am seeking new employment, I'm also soaking up this time with Calvin and just being Mrs. Cleaver while it lasts. I've also been thinking outside the box for ways to earn income and maybe keep this Mrs. Cleaver gig, but I'm not telling secrets yet. We are trusting God to provide for us and to show the path that was meant for us.

Slightly off topic; but after three weeks out of daycare, this is the first time since he was four months old Calvin's nose hasn't dripped or been stopped up. 


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