Monday, October 28, 2013

Citrus Lane vs. Bluum

So in case you have not heard of either of these companies; they offer the same basic service. You sign up for a membership tailored to your child's gender and age for $25 a month. Each month your child receives a box full of featured products that far exceeds the $25 monthly fee. According to the companies the average retail value of the boxes are around $80.

Here is a link to each company and you can check them out for yourself.....

After using both services here is my two cents. We have received cool stuff from each company, they have very similar grass roots, a parent with an idea story and beginning. Although still somewhat similar, where they differ is product style. Citrus Lane is a little more organic/earth mama-ish while Bluum is a little more upscale boutique merchandise. Well go figure since Bluum is based in New York, makes sense I suppose. They both have great customer service and products. I can't not recommend either one, which one you prefer will depend on your style.

My vote...we're Bluum! I like that boutique touch.

If you decide to give either one a try, you can tell them I recommended them.

xoxo...and baby giggles

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