Thursday, November 7, 2013

FabKids Review

So you may have heard of a website over the last few years called "JustFab" ( that selects shoes according to your preferences and style and includes shipping for a monthly membership fee of $39.95. I heard of it several years ago but never used it.

I believe it was our last Citrus Lane box we got a free trial for FabKids, which is the new kid clothing division. They market their styles to be "fashion that is play ready". I'll try most anything on a hassle free trial and we would get a free outfit out of it; so signed up I did.

Just like any other store there will be garments and designs you like and don't like. We got the free outfit plus two months of membership which means one outfit per month (total of 3 outfits). The sizes start at XXS and run through XL. The outfits are a little big on Calvin since the XXS fits like a 2T or 3T. The shirts aren't so baggy but the pants he's got a little bit of growing to do. One outfit he could luckily wear with a little bit of tucking and rolling up, I was glad since it's my favorite outfit.

Best sweater EVER made!!! I couldn't have said it better myself. Thanks FabKids!!

Overall, I would continue a membership once Calvin got a little bit older and can actually wear the sizes they offer. The one thing I didn't care for was not being able to go back and redo your profile to get different monthly "picks". That would be the only thing I  would suggest they change and I would agree with the "play ready" part. The clothes are very functionable and flexible. 

Cool website!

xoxo and baby giggles.....

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