Monday, November 11, 2013

My...Oh My

Calvin has learned to say "What's that" in the past week or so and he's saying it more and more while pointing at stuff. Tonight we had a "What's that" session of the kitchen as he sat on my hip. He wants to be up high so he can see what we see. I had been toiling around the kitchen all afternoon prepping dinner and baking brownies so I left my step stool out. Calvin thought that step stool was put there just for him! He could stand there and watch everything I was doing for dinner and how our food is made.

Aside from the dinner in process, Calvin was really stuck on seeing his dirty bowls and sippy cups in his side of the sink. I explained several times that those are dirty and after you eat or drink from it this is where it goes and mommy has to wash them so you can use it again. After everything was in the oven and underway I got Calvin off the stool and sat down to the laptop to do some household budgeting. After a few minutes I kept hearing; bang, clang, clank...bang, clang, clank.....bang, clang, clank. As focused as I was my curiosity and worry got to me so I walked around the bar to see what the noise was.

This is what I was met with...........

I have NO IDEA how he got from that ladder into the sink but he was serious about "washing" those dishes! Total EPIC moment!!! He even took all the dishes from the other side of the sink and was "washing" those too! Then he threw a fit as I lifted him out of the sink and walked him strait to the tub.  

I realize how dangerous this could have been with him doing that kind of climbing; he did get a talk in the tub about how that's not exactly how dishes are washed and he can help next time mommy does them. However,  it shows he is learning and paying attention and hopefully it means he appreciates all the housework mommy does!

xoxo & baby giggles

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