Saturday, November 9, 2013

Zulily Review

Zulily is another online shopping site that offer more than just clothes. You can also purchase accessories, toys and other playtime things. The difference with Zulily is that the merchandise is not their own brand. They are like an outlet mall offering products from various retailers for discounted rates. Quantities are limited, there may only be only a few items in each size.

Once you make selections and purchase, you wait. Wait, and wait and wait. Once your order, they then wait for the rest of that item to sell out and they wait for the bulk order to arrive from the retailer. Then your order is packaged and on it's way to you.

I used Zulily once and waited almost six weeks for one t-shirt to arrive. I wasn't completely crazy about the process. However, I have a lot of friends who use Zulily and love it.  I suppose if you are planning way in advance it's a great process. I'll say that the concept is a good idea, it's just how long they take to complete the whole process is a bummer for me.

It's ify if I will use the website again. I personally just don't like to wait more than a week. When I see something I want and I make that order, I'm excited about getting it. Whatever "it" may be, I'm in suspense until it's in my hands.

Here is Calvin in his Nautica Zulily steal.

xoxo and baby giggles

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