Sunday, June 8, 2014

Easter 2014

For Easter this year we headed home across the concrete forest out to East Texas. Boy oh boy the Easter bunny was everywhere! Two egg hunts and lots and lots of visiting cousins and old friends from my childhood. Calvin actually got to do three egg hunts but the first was at our local church Prestonwood the week prior to Easter. The hosted a helicopter egg drop but only for older age groups; the littles had their own separate hunt.

Prestonwood Egg Hunt


Then came the trek across the concrete forest. Calvin had loads of fun with both Granny Clara's dog and Aunt Teresa's dogs and new litter of kittens! He was in animal heaven. When we first got to town our first stop was with cousins Kathy (my niece) and her youngest daughter Emily; and Calvin met his Uncle Norman for the first time along with cousin Jeremy.

The next day we had the Bergfeld Park Egg Hunt in Tyler with Granny Clara. Absolute Mess! I don't think it will be something we participate in again unless I hear better reviews as years go by. It was very poorly times and mismanaged, and also no enforcement of the rules. They had the 0-4 year old lumped together as the youngest age group and ten year old kids were pushing little toddlers down to grab eggs and even grab eggs out of their hands! Just awful!!!!

Bergfeld Park Egg Hunt 


Swinging with Granny, the best part of the event

After the hunt we had a wonderful lunch at Luby's followed by an all....and I mean ALL afternoon and evening shopping trip for Granny and Mama. We had a blast, poor Calvin stuck in lady stores all afternoon. 

The next morning on Easter, Calvin woke up to find the Easter Bunny had left a next for him!

He loved his train and truck more than anything! Go figure! He got into his candy in time though. We attended church at my hometown church of New Hope Baptist Church in Diana. Since it was a all new place for him I had planned on keeping in him the service with me but he was much to naughty and ended up in the nursery against his will!

After church came their egg hunt and he had learned what to do by now and was ready to go.

New Hope Baptist Egg Hunt

Standing on the water fountain step stool his Papaw Hermon made years ago

Visiting Papaw Hermon and Mamaw Jean's Grave after church


Getting to ride 4-Wheeler with Aunt Teresa and Uncle Richard


That boy absolutely loves riding out in the open down the country roads. We're hopping in the future he gets more opportunity for it.

Before we set back out on the trail back to our concrete forest we met Aunt Teresa for lunch at Burger King and this happened........


...then we paid a visit to Aunt Afton and brought her flowers and a balloon that Calvin picked out for her. Spongebob of course!


At last our holiday came to an end and the next day we were back home where a very happy Daddy was waiting on us!

xoxox & tot giggles

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