Wednesday, June 11, 2014

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The Fearless Formula Feeder shared a new hashtag today! I got pretty excited about it, excited enough to shared with the world.


Bonding can and does happen all the same with bottles. This isn't a place for judgement, some mothers just don't have a choice. No one should be embarrassed about how they feed their babies choice or not. Bottle feeding also gives other close relatives the chance to bond and share that closeness.

Somehow I never got a picture of me feeding Calvin but I have photos of Will and Granny Clara feeding him. Both photos of a happy and content baby who is loved by the people holding him (and many others but I don't have photos of them feeding him). It's not just a mother who deeply loves a child.

6 weeks old with Daddy (Will)

 5 months old with Granny (Clara)

xoxox and tot giggles

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