Thursday, September 25, 2014

Another catch up..

It's been way too long! I promise this time was circumstances and not just pure neglect. On July 4th, Calvin and I traveled across the forest to East Texas for a visit and ended up never coming home. I had already knew I would check out the housing scene in and around Troup. This is where the majority of daddy's family took roots years ago. After a week of searching (empty handed) I was committed! It took a month to find a house out here but we ended up just outside of Troup in Arp. Population 970...973 now to be exact. I absolutely LOVE it!!!

Five years ago when I left for Dallas I swore I'd never look back! The metropolitan life was for me, and it was for a little while. I don't regret the experience one bit and would do it all over again. A childhood dream came true, I made some really great friends and got to work in one of the largest healthcare systems in Texas and largest hospitals in Dallas. Not to mention found my hubby and had Calvin! What a great five years!

However, rent doubled, tolls tripled and I had have a child who just wants to run naked all day and roll in mud. Calvin might have been born in the city but his blood is country and it shows! Plus all the family interaction he was missing out on.

Ok, so I do make him wear clothes at least but he has all the dirt he can want.

XOXO and tot drool

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