Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Hurdles and surgery

During the last year Calvin has struggled and fallen behind in the speech and vocabulary department. A few months ago at a checkup our pediatrician recommended speech therapy along with a new set of tubes for his ears. We saw our new ENT in Tyler a week later along with an updated hearing test. Good news is his hearing is functioning but the old gooped up tubes were no longer working. Therefore, he wasn't hearing properly. Two weeks ago he had surgery and it was so much tougher than the tubes last year! Besides a new set of tubes, his adenoids were taken out. The first few days were tough while he recovered but he has continued to be Calvin.

Since he is under three years, Calvin is receiving speech therapy services through Early Childhood Intervention or ECI. So far for us they have been a wonderful service. He has a speech therapist that is very patient with him and me too. She is teaching me how to help Calvin along with teaching Calvin. I have had to set back from all the ideas I had accumulated from online sources if what I thought I needed to teach Calvin. Much of what I thought was wrong. My advice has become when in doubt ask a professional!

Xoxo and tot giggles

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