Monday, January 5, 2015

Resale! Resale! Resale!

First off, Happy New Year everyone!!

Now that we are past the holidays and most folks likely received new clothes, shoes, accessories and/or gift cards for their favorite store. Now you need to make room in your closet for all your new duds. What to do? Pull garments and items you haven't worn in a year, neatly fold and bag up for your local resale shop. Not consignment, resale. The difference is with consignment the store owner allows you to place your garment on their rack and once it sells they will take a percentage of the sale. With resale, the store owner buys what they believe will sell in thier store and pay you cash upfront. No waiting for a sale, just cash in hand! Now you have room for your new goodies and a little extra cash you didn't have before.

Resale works just as great for buying too. You can find name brand items, even high end name brand for a fraction of the price of buying brand new. Often times the items are in excellent condition. When the store associate examins items to buy they look for stains, tears, scratches and other blemishes that will make an item unsellable. Items are high quality even for being second hand. Plato's Closet and Clothes Mentor are stores I recommend, but just Google resale clothing in your zip code and you just might find your new favorite store.

An area I found resale to be particularly helpful is in the baby and kid department. We know babies can be expensive to prepare for and then once they are here they grow like weeds right out of all those tiny outfits. They can out grow some of that baby gear in a short amount of time too. Babies spit up which can sometimes stain. So don't expect all baby garments to make it to resale. The gear however, is almost always a guarantee to bring you cash. There have only been a few times in Calvin's two years where I was not able to sell an item. All those times it was due to being an item that the store deemed un-sanitizeable (ex: bath tub) or not an item they could test to make sure it worked (ex: bottle warmer). Overall, I have had positive experiences with resale, nor am I complaining about the few things they wouldn't take. My favorite store in Dallas was Once Upon A Child. I'm so sad we don't have them out here in the Tyler area. However, there is a nice store in Tyler called Mommy & Me Consignment that I have been very happy with. They also have a sister store where they send items that haven't sold or maybe they didn't catch a small stain when they bought it, and most everything is only a $1!! Talk about awesome and a huge help to a cash strapped family!
Little FYI, the $1 store is only open Thursday - Saturday's. Call the store and check the schedule before heading into Tyler.

Happy exploring, selling and shopping!

Xoxo, tot giggles and a teen selfie

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