Sunday, February 8, 2015

Spooky Eyes Review

Spooky Eyes is a UK based cosmetic contact lenses company who provides high quality product and unique designs. Their selection boasts everything from naturals to holiday inspired themes, they also sell contact care products for customer ease and convenience. Spooky Eyes are also very competitively priced with other cosmetic contacts that can be found on the web, with FREE shipping included. Don't  forget that they have the widest selection of designs and themes!

I gave the Green Galaxy design a try, as I was only wanting to insinuate my natural color for the time being. This was my first time ever trying contact lenses so I carefully read the instructions when they came. After two days and numerous attempts and inserting the contacts I gave up. Conclusion...I suck at contact lenses placement, even with help from Pops and a friend who does wear contacts. I just can not keep my eyeball open during placement. Very cool product, horrible user.

If you enjoy cosmetic contacts and variety, look no further than Spooky Eyes. So many cutting edge designs I wish I could  try! You can visit them here. Don't forget the FREE shipping!

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