Monday, June 22, 2015

Milk Monday - Similac Non-GMO


Today I am going to feature a new product from Similac called Similac Advance Non-GMO. It is made with Non-GMO sources meaning not genetically modified; not to be confused with their Organic formula. Organic meaning farmed without pesticides and other conventional farm chemicals.

Similac Non-GMO features the same Opti-GRO that most of their other products feature to support eye and brain development. However, it is only available in Similac Advance and not in any of the specialty formula such as Soy, Sensitive or Alimentum. Advance Non-GMO is sold exclusively atTarget or can be purchased online directly through Abbott who owns Similac. Another positive to this new product that gives wider choice to parents is that Advance Non-GMO is roughly the same price as the standard products.

Don’t forget to sign up for Similac StrongMoms! Awesome program that provides $5 company checks each month through the mail. As well as samples, feeding guides and other goodies that will change over time. I received these when Calvin was a baby and they were so incredible helpful!

Happy Monday and get your milkies on! #milkmonday 

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