Wednesday, June 17, 2015

New Topics for Days of the Week

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week! If not, then hey Friday is right around the corner!

Starting next week I will have designated days for certain topics. This is to ensure I am not getting stuck on one topic or letting myself get lazy with often with how often I am writing a new entry. Also, I want to make sure I am creating enough diversity in the content I am posting. I want everyone to be able to relate take something away. I hope all the readers enjoy this new schedule.

Sunday – Surprise moment Sunday
Monday – Milk Monday
Tuesday – Teething Tuesday
Wednesday – Wild Card Wednesday
Thursday – Time Out for Yourself Thursday
Friday – Fashion Friday
Saturday – Seasonal Saturday

Sundays will be about surprises during conception, pregnancy or parenting. Mondays are all about the milk options we have for our babies and feeding accessories or equipment. Tuesdays are dedicated to teeth. Wednesday will be random topics that get laid upon my heart. Thursdays will be tips or ideas on how to give ourselves time and what can be done with that precious time. Friday, does fashion need any further explanation? I’m not the model type so this won’t be all about me. I will feature anything from hot maternity and nursing styles to kids to money saving tips so mama can add to her closet. Saturday I will feature events or ideas for the current season. May be a national chain or local event. Whatever is out there!

Stay tuned! I’m excited to get started!

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