Sunday, June 21, 2015

Surprise moment Sunday 6/21/15

Surprise moment Sunday

 There is no question that pregnancy, birth and parenthood comes with many surprises along the way. Many people get surprised by the cost of baby gear the initial startup price. The first baby usually requires a little bit of everything and most all big ticket items. Sometimes parents are blessed with families who can and will provide a big ticket item or two or some people find and make alternate plans to cut out a expense or few. Generally and typically speaking most people will need that little bit of everything and big ticket items too.

During the year it took us to get pregnant after my miscarriage, I had priced items at various stores and online sources. In my family and circle of friends there was no shortage of babies so even that initial research was not shocking or surprising to me. What did come as a surprise to me when it was time to actually buy baby items was how much people actually SPENT on baby items and the nursery! I was aware there were lines of high end and very expensive baby gear but thought only 5% or less of population purchased these high end items. Like celebrities or the Hilton family, oh no no. Every time I was in one of the baby stores it seemed there was a $5000 - $10,000 order rolling out the door, or I ended up in the presence of a conversation of about the party favors for the baby shower costing $200 or some other random exuberant cost.

Jaw on the floor!!!

Most of this was just fluff, the latest in nursery design unique trademarked colors or something supposedly so special. Fluff is absolutely OK if you can truly afford it, key word being “IF”, however if you need to charge up credit cards or open those lovely store cards that sound so good because you’ll get 5% off your next purchase…DON’T DO IT!! Please do not let the retail industry and Susie Jones from pre-natal yoga make you feel guilty if you are not spending wads of cash you may or may not have on a themed designer nursery.

When your baby or babies arrive the most important things they will need are love, food, clothing, car seat and shelter. Limited edition #4 periwinkle changing tables can wait until all the true essentials are in place and you are not over extending your finances so your baby is keeping up with the Jones’s baby.

Just love the babies, don’t blink, time will fly so fast.

Remember….don’t worry about the Jones’s! 

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