Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wildcard Wednesday -

It’s wild card Wednesday and today I’m going to feature I signed Calvin up last year at around 18 months, yes, 18 months! We live in a fast paced and highly competitive culture ad world, don’t waste time in getting them started with education. This included teaching computer and mouse skills to use the web site, which was an incredibly stressful task for mama because an 18 month old just wants to go go go. He was also already accustomed to touch screen from using my iPhone and Nook, mouse and keyboard was foreign to him.

Back to ABCmouse, their curriculum technically started at pre-school age but when you sign up and create your account you enter the child’s birth date and ABCmouse will match material age appropriate. The online school is very affordable at $7.95 a month and offers every kind of activity that a brick and mortar pre-school would offer. However, since you are at your house online there is that lack of peer interaction and socialization. is really everything their commercials claim they are, no false advertising there! I have been criticized by some for allowing Calvin to have access to technology with the concern being he (along with the rest of his generation) losing human skills of looking at books and learning to write. The last time I checked Barnes & Noble haven’t closed their stores yet, there are plenty of people still buying and reading physical books, children included. Calvin had a stack of books before he was even born and the collection has steadily grown in the last two and half years. He’s not missing out on the “human skills”, along with technology he also has been introduced to letter tracing and writing his name. is an awesome resource and even they encourage letter tracing, coloring ect with crayon and paper. They have a whole section of printouts with a variety of materials to get kids scribbling, coloring and writing.

One last brag, ABCmouse also offers their Early LearningAcademy in App format so you can take the classroom with you anywhere. Now available for all platforms!

Have a happy hump day!

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