Thursday, July 9, 2015

Take Time Out for Yourself Thursday - Drop-in Daycare

It’s Thursday and time to take a parent time out.

As a stay at home parent I know how exhausting it can be to have a toddler glued to my hip 24/7. Albeit rewarding beyond materialistic measure and I wouldn’t trade Calvin for anything, parents still need a little break sometimes too.

Not everyone has family nearby, or if they do the family members might have full schedules and may not be able to babysit so a parent can break away for some along time.  I’m in the second category and I discovered drop-in care with the local daycare. Drop-in care is cool and convenient as you pay a fee for the day which typically will cover food. All is needed is diapers, wipes a backup outfit and any other age appropriate supplies. For my two year old it is pull-ups, wipes and a backup outfit, oh and a spill proof cup. The daycare provides all food and drinks.  

If drop in care is affordable in your area, seriously utilize it! Even if once only once or twice month. In our little town the local daycare is $30 a day, at a North Dallas daycare close to where we use to live was $50 a day. Drop in care obviously will have a wide range of cost from region to region.

The first daycare Calvin was in as an infant was a horrible experience and I completely understan d being leery of strangers, but there are plenty of great care givers out there. Listen to your kids cues, their attitudes about going to the daycare. Are they happy and excited or do they totally melt down at the mention of daycare.  I recommend dropping in at a different time other than when they are expecting you just to see what’s going on when they aren’t expecting a look over.

Go get a manicure, meet a friend for lunch, grocery shop in peace. Everyone needs some along time or me time as some call. Me time can be whatever you want it to be. Say NO to guilt!

Give yourselves some time too moms and dads!  

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