Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Teething Tuesday - AppeTEETHERS

Back in our grandma’s day all they knew about teething was to give the baby a cold or frozen cloths to get through the teething blues.  In present day there are endless options down the baby toy aisle for teething discomfort. Toys that your freeze that can be purchased in all sorts of silly shapes and characters, silicone toys and plastic textured toys.

I came across a teething toy made by Little Toader's that I found absolutely hilarious! They are called AppeTeethers. Teething toys in the shapes of food, they have a variety from broccoli to bacon and candy. They are the silicone with textures variety of soother.  I found them listed on 
Buy Buy Baby.com for around $10. Pricey teether but great for a laugh!

Which one would be your teething tike's favorite?

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