Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Selling formula samples Don't be this loser

Last Wednesday I wrote….errrrr…vented about frustrating garage sale group postings. Sometimes when they get constant it does get annoying, but mostly it was meant to be comedic. Last night while scrolling through my local yard sale groups looking for junk I probably don’t need, I came across a type of post that I had forgotten all about during my rant last week. There is no comedy when it comes to this topic as it absolutely burns the piss out of me! Pardon my French, I keep my blog entries clean and professional but not this time.

Selling infant formula samples and coupons.


These are FREE samples and coupons (sometimes company checks) that the formula companies send out to families for FREE. Sometimes the companies’ mail out to households using a different brand, or perhaps breastfeeding worked out perfectly for the family and there is just no need for them. Regardless of the reason for receiving these FREE items, if you do not need them donate them to a food pantry or just list them as free. All yard sale postings are first come, first dibs and first pickup. No excuse or explanation is good enough for trying to make a buck off of struggling parents. Not everyone qualifies for WIC and formula can add up fast, especially if your baby needs a specialty formula.

Don’t be a greedy pathetic low life. Find some junk in your closet to sell if you really need to generate some cash. The cans even state “SAMPLE Not to be sold” on them. I’m sure they mean for them not to be sold. If there are a lot of people getting in the virtual line that means that there is a lot of people in need. Don’t whine about a high demand item being time consuming. Why list it then? Anything posted is first come first serve and pickup.

Do you even know how to yard sale bro?

Oh, I know why. So you could exploit parents in need so you could get a buck. DONATE it and there will be no hassle. Wow, that was easy wasn’t it!

Whew! <sigh> Just don’t do this. There are people out there watching.

God Bless….it’s hump day!

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