Saturday, January 6, 2018

Why is everyone on a journey?

In this day and age of the internet and social media, everywhere you turn you will run smack into other people's journey's. There is no shortage of blogs about journeys. All kinds of journeys, becoming debt free journeys, career journeys, weight loss journeys. Oh man, the journeys focused on various parenting styles. Certainly no shortage of those, single moms, crunchy moms, attachment parenting advocates; nearly any niche you could thing of it is out there. Maybe I don't have much room to talk, because here I am writing on a parenting blog, and crossing my fingers that I don't sound like "one of those".

Once upon a time, in both real life and in this blog...actually it was the purpose of starting this blog, that I/we were on an "infertility journey".  Occasionally I look back at entries from years ago, and sometimes I cringe! Even five or six years ago it was a theme in social media that was gaining momentum. I'm not sure how long it had been going on, as I had not paid attention. There was not a topic that touched in such as way as my miscarriage and subsequent infertility did, that I sought out support. It was in the private groups where it seems like it started, but as posts got lost and missed in a sea of posts about random questions, the stories evolved into blogs. Those blogs needed names, now everyone was on a journey for the two pink lines, or Susie and Bob's journey to parenthood, journey this, journey that.


I too jumped on that band wagon, and here we are now as we speak. It is easy to get caught up in a moment, or an emotion and feel like you are working harder than others. It is a rough journey, a bumpy journey, a journey with twists and turns blah blah blah. This theme branched into other topics, as mentioned above. You can find a blog or social media page documenting people's "journey's" of various kinds.

As crappy as some obstacles or situations may be, and as crappy as it is for bad things to happen to good people; this is just life. Shit happens in life. Life is harder for some than others, it is not fair but nobody said life would be fair. Nor is it promised that life will be happy happy A L L the time.

As for the blogs and pages I used to follow, I don't know where most of those people are today. I also do not know if those blogs and pages evolved into other things, sitting collecting dust, or deleted over time. A few however never ceased to get off a treacherous journey, even if infertility was conquered, there is always something else to take its place. Always! I just simply stopped following over time. I have tried to evolve this blog over time, and I hope I've been successful.

Life is life, and we are all just living. The good, bad, ugly and in between. Step off the journey please!

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